A Gentleman's Guide to a Great Social Life

"Hazel, I give you a five-star review. Jim gave me copies of your book, which I read and sent on to my sons. I'm calling to tell you that they thoroughly enjoyed For Men Only. Your book has refreshed the art of entertaining. . ."

— Margaret Tante Burk, Executive of Press Relations, author, and the founder of Round Table West, America's largest book and author club.


What's Inside:

The Singles Scene

"Are you looking for a "10"? Is a "10" looking for you?

Topics include:

  • Winning ways to engage a women for the date and avoid turn downs.
  • What a woman needs to see when she walks through your door.
  • Creating a gourmet, romantic dinner for two, using five ingredients or fewer.

Do You Know...?

  • What sophisticated women really find attractive in a man?
  • What the three essential ingredients of a date are?
  • What a woman is saying when she suggests "Let's go Dutch"?

Out on the Town

Is the only culture in your life growing in your refrigerator? To be truly cultured, acquaint yourself with the works of creative people — works that have lasted through the centuries. In this section you will learn how to conduct yourself appropriately at concerts, theater performances, operas and the ballet.

Do you Know...?

  • Who goes down the theater aisle first, the man or the woman?
  • Who takes the aisle seat?
  • When to and when not to applaud the performers?
  • What a pas de deux is?

Entertaining for Business

You're fooling yourself if you're indifferent to the importance of correct dining skills. Whether it be socially, hosting a business luncheon with clients, or even when interviewing for that dream job, you need not only to keep up with your competition, you must out-class them!

Do you know...?

  • How to choreograph a business or social luncheon?
  • Where to strategically seat your client(s) and guests?
  • When to begin the discussion?
  • How to deliver a successful toast?
  • The silent signal to the server that you have finished eating?
  • How to pay the bill in the most sophisticated ways?

Other chapters include:

How to Dine - All You Need to Know About Wine - Food and Wine Pairing
Italian and French Menu Guide - Pronunciation Guide - and More!

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