Dine Like a Diplomat

The world has experienced a rapidly expanded global economy in which correct dining skills are expected, whether you're conducing business abroad or entertaining international clients here in the United States.  Your level of competence, especially as viewed through your table manners, will be evaluated by executives in and from other countries.

Just as good manners are considered important qualifications for executive positions domestically, you will need  a higher standard of qualifications to compete successfully in the international arena. Dine Like a Diplomat will give you these qualifications to add to your other impressive skills.

Module 1
World-Class Entertaining

  • Host and Hostess Duties
  • Being an Appreciative Guest
  • Introductions: Business and Social
  • Forms of Address

Module 2
Dining Diplomacy

  • A Visual Briefing on Silverware and Glasses
  • Place Setting Maps
  • Correct and Incorrect Handling of the Silverware
  • Taking Your Seat
  • Posture at the Table and Excusing Yourself
  • Napkins
  • When to Start Eating and Toasting
  • Conversation

Module 3
A Dining Tutorial

  • Styles of Eating (American and Continental)
  • Eating Various Foods
  • Dining Decorum

Module 4

  • World-class Dining Dos and Don'ts
  • Tipping

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook to use during the presentation and to keep as a reference guide.