Etiquette for Teens and Young Adults

Polished social and eating manners become increasingly important as teens and young adults prepare to enter the competitive social, collegiate, and business worlds. Like the unspoken signals of a secret society, the nuances of good manners proclaim one’s breeding, or lack of it — a situation that can determine which doors will open or which will remain closed to future opportunities.

Give your young adult the skills to handle any circumstance with confidence beyond his or her years.

Dining Skills

This essential program covers all aspects of dining, including:

  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • American and Continental Styles of Eating
  • How to Eat Properly
  • Proper use of the Napkin, Glassware, and Tableware
  • When to Start and Finish Eating
  • When Silence is Golden
  • Avoiding the 10 Most Commonly Made Eating Errors
  • Posture at the Table and Excusing Yourself
  • Handling Difficult-to-eat Foods
  • Dining Dos and Don’ts


Who should attend?

  • Teenagers (12-15)
  • Young adults (16-17)


By Appointment: .

Contact the Etiquette School of Monarch Beach to reserve your time and date. 


Social Essentials

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime. These vital programs cover the social skills young people need to:

  • Boost their self-esteem
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Compete on a level playing field
  • Enhance self-assurance
  • Present themselves with confidence
  • Resist peer pressure
  • Seamlessly transition into the adult world
  • Be likeable


The First Meeting – Module 1

  • The Art of Introducing Yourself and Others
  • Responding to Introductions
  • Making Respectful Eye Contact
  • Offering a Confident Handshake
  • Remembering Names and Smiling


Communication Skills – Module 2                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • How to Start and Maintain a Conversation
  • Giving and Accepting Compliments
  • Listening and Asking Questions
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Talking to Parents
  • Responsibilities At Home
  • Clothes and Their Care
  • Giving and Receiving Gifts
  • The Art of Writing Thank-you Notes


Dating Savvy (Optional add on) – Module 3

  • What is Dating
  • Refusing a Date
  • The Basics
  • After the Date
  • Dating Savvy and Valuing Yourself
  • Warning Signs

Who should attend?

  • Young Adults ( 16-17)


Preparing for Your College Interview  (Optional add on) Module 4

  • Personal Appearance
  • Meeting the Interviewer
  • Your Resume for College
  • When You Are Being Interviewed
  • After the Interview
  • How to Finesse Most Asked College Interview Questions
  • Choosing a College


3-hour stand-alone program

Who should attend?

  • Students applying to college/universities

By Appointment: . 

Contact the Etiquette School of Monarch Beach to reserve your time and date.