Business and Social Entertaining

Outclass the Competition — Dining Etiquette

  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Individual Consulting*

Relationships are developed and strengthened during social interactions. Forty-six percent of successful business meetings are conducted during a convivial meal in the dining room, not the board room.

Choreographing a business meal for a client and sharing an intimate dinner with a friend are just as important as socializing on the golf course. All contribute to your competitive edge in today’s business and social climate. If you don’t know how to eat, others will wonder what else you don’t know.

This unique tutorial offers corporations and individuals an opportunity to enhance their dining manners, put aside self-consciousness, and practice the world-class dining skills that star performers must have in order to shine.

A four-course luncheon or dinner may be incorporated into this fun and inter-active presentation.

World-class Business and Social Dining Skills…

  • 15 Power Points of Business and Social Entertaining
  • Extending and Receiving Invitations
  • Dressing for Special Occasions
  • Host and Hostess Duties
  • Being an Appreciative Guest
  • Strategic Business and Social Seating Arrangements
  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • American and Continental Styles of Eating
  • Correct Use of the Silverware, Glassware and Napkins
  • Using the Silent Service Codes
  • Avoiding the 10 Most Common Dining Errors
  • When and How to Make a Memorable Toast
  • Dining Dos and Don’t s, and more

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