Table Manners for Children

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Your child’s character, acceptance, even intelligence are judge by how he or she is perceived and liked by others. These interactive  programs focus on the skills that give your child an advantage in the social arts by building confidence, self-esteem, respect for others, and leadership skills — because polite children stand out from the crowd.

Dining Classes for Kids

This comprehensive program covers the basics of essential table manners.

Topics Include:

  • The ABC’s of dining
  • Taking your seat
  • When to begin eating
  • Napkins
  • Posture at the table
  • How to hold the knife, fork, and spoon
  • Excusing yourself from the table
  • At the end of the meal
  • Dining dos and don’t s

Who should attend?

  • Children ages  9 -11


By Appointment: .

Contact the Etiquette School of Monarch Beach to reserve your time and date.