Corporate Etiquette & Protocol


Business Etiquette:  How do your employees measure up?

In today’s increasingly global society, technical know-how alone can no longer keep your corporation on the cutting edge.  To stay competitive, that technical know-how must now be supplemented by the professional sophistication that gives company associates the skills they need to work effectively with clients – both overseas and here at home.

But how do you foster business etiquette in your employees?
Boost your staff’s business IQ with The Etiquette School’s hands-on training in effective conversation, networking savvy, dining expertise and the fine art of making favorable first impressions.  Watch employees blossom as they develop self confidence and a world-class presence.  What’s more, you can expect your investment to pay for itself many times over in terms of improved client relationships and a more positive corporate image.

Business Etiquette

  • Effective Networking
  • First and Lasting Impressions
  • Communication Skills
  • Wardrobe & Accessories
  • Total Quality in the Business Arena
  • Written Correspondence


Dining Etiquette

  • 15 Power Point of Business and Social Entertaining
  • American and Continental Styles of Eating
  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • Correct Use of the Napkin and Silverware
  • Using Silent Service Codes
  • Avoiding the 10 Most Common Dining Errors
  • When and How to Make a Toast
  • Dining Dos and Don’ts, and more


  • Pre-meeting Strategies
  • Rank and Status Differences
  • Communication Styles
  • Global Forms of Address
  • Correct Business and Social Introductions
  • The Protocol of Business Card Exchange
  • Effective Gift Giving
  • Conversation, Person Space, and Gestures
  • High- and Low-context Cultures
  • What to Do Before the Negotiations Begin
  • Body Language – What to Avoid
  • Wardrobe Strategies
  • Traveling Smart

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