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After the host offers a toast to a guest of honor __________.

everyone present should drink to the toast

everyone present, except the host, should drink to the toast

everyone present, except the guest of honor, should drink to the toast

You're at dinner and you don't drink wine, but champagne is being served with your dessert; you know that a toast will be made. You should __________.

ask the waiter to pour water into your champagne glass instead

tell the waiter that you do not care for any champagne

say nothing and allow the champagne to be poured

It is appropriate to take a cell phone call, text, tweet, e-mail or to surf the web at table __________.

when you apologize for the interruption

when the interruption concerns those with whom you are having lunch


When you sit down in a restaurant for an un-hosted meal, you should place your napkin on your lap __________.

immediately after you are seated

after the server arrives at the table to take your order

as soon as your food is served

When approaching the restaurant door, it is correct for a man to __________.

go through the door first if he reached it first

allow the woman to open the door for herself

hold doors open for the woman

When making business introductions __________.

men stand when being introduced; women may remain seated

both men and women remain seated during introductions

both men and women stand for introductions

When men and women dine out together, for both business and social occasions __________.

the one who initiated the invitation pays

the man pays

either the man or the woman may pay the bill

When making a toast at a business function __________.

use this occasion to roast the guest of honor with tales of past misdeeds

read from your notes in order not to stumble over your words

begin, be brief, be seated

It is not acceptable __________.

for a man to remove a suit jacket when seated at table

for either a man or a woman to remove a suit jacket when seated at table

for a woman to remove a suit jacket when seated at table

When dining in a restaurant with fewer than six friends or business acquaintances, it's acceptable to _____________.

begin eating as soon as you have been served

wait for everyone to be served before you begin eating

ask permission to begin eating while the others are being served

If you go to lunch with your boss and she offers to pay, you should __________.

insist that you should pay

never offer to pay. She would be insulted

consider that by position, she should pay

At a business lunch, you may begin talking business__________.

right after the food has been served

as soon as food is ordered and pleasantries are exchanged, as long as everyone knows this is a ''working'' lunch

as soon as all the orders have been placed

You're hosting a dinner party at a restaurant for five couples, including your most valuable client and his wife. You instruct the waiter to __________.

serve yourself and your spouse last

serve your spouse first

serve your client's spouse first

Where does a woman place her purse while dining at a restaurant?

between herself and the chair

hanging on the back of the chair

on the floor, under her seat

It's your birthday party, and you receive a gift you don't like. You should __________.

say "Thank you" and go on to the next gift

show appreciation and mention something about the gift, and then say ''Thank you'' and move on to the next gift

put it aside and go to the next gift

When offering a thank-you to someone who has given you a gift __________.

it's classy to mail a hand-written thank-you card.

it's acceptable to telephone within 72 hours of receiving the gift.

it's best to send a message by e-mail, as this cuts down on paper and postage

When two business colleagues are speaking, they should stand __________ from one another.

2 feet

3 feet

arm's distance

You are in a group having a conversation, and someone you don't know joins your circle. You should ___________.

say nothing to the newcomer, and continue your conversation

move closer to the person next to you to discourage the newcomer from interrupting you

turn around, introduce yourself, and say ''Please join us.''

When shaking hands with a woman, a man should__________.

it doesn't matter who initiates the handshake

initiate the handshake

wait until the woman offers her hand

In a business situation, what should you do when someone gives you his business card?

read it , thank the other person, and then offer yours in return

thank the person, and then store it in your wallet or purse

read it, thank the other person, and then store it in your wallet or purse

When handing out business cards at social or business events, you should __________.

give them only to people who look like good prospects

give cards only to those with whom you have established rapport

meet as many people as possible, and give each a card

You are golfing with a business associate. It is appropriate to talk business__________.

before the game, as you are getting ready for the game.

never, unless your guest begins the conversation

while golfing, but only between holes

You should arrive at a business meeting__________.

30 minutes before the meeting time, in order to reconnoiter

no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled time

You've scheduled a meeting with a business associate for a working lunch. After waiting 30 minutes at the table for your associate to arrive __________.

Wait another 15 minutes to call your associate.

Tell the waiter you're not staying, and leave your business card with the waiter to give it to your associate, in case he comes.

Order your lunch and eat.

You're introducing your boss, Ms. Doe and Mr. Smith, your client. You say __________.

Ms. Doe, I'd like to introduce to you Mr. Smith; our client from Los Angeles.

Ms. Doe, I'd like you to meet Mr. Smith, our client from Los Angeles.

Mr. Smith, I'd like to introduce to you Ms. Doe; our Vice President of Development.