Finishing Classes for Children

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.  

Your child's character, acceptance, even intelligence are judge by how he or she is perceived and liked by others. These interactive  programs focus on the skills that give your child an advantage in the social arts by building confidence, self-esteem, respect for others, and leadership skills — because polite children stand out from the crowd.

The Dining  Program      
Children - ages 7-8
Children - ages 9-11

Dining Skills for Today

  • The ABCs of table manners
  • Navigating the place setting
  • Taking your seat
  • When to begin eating
  • Napkin and seating etiquette
  • Posture at the table
  • Excusing yourself from the table
  • American and Continental styles of eating
  • At the end of the meal
  • Dining dos and don'ts


The Social Program
Children - ages 9-11

Etiquette for Today

  • Self esteem and confidence building
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Confident and respectful eye contact
  • Offering a grown-up handshake
  • Personal qualities that count
  • The art of conversation 
  • Showing respect in social interactions
  • Talking to parents
  • Your  responsibilities at home
  • Your cloths and caring for them
  • Gift giving and receiving
  • The magic of a written thank-you note

First Impressions     
Children - ages 9-11

  • Personal Grooming
  • Your clothes and caring for them
  • Posture and poise
  • Deportment - sitting, standing, walking

Children receive an illustrated workbook to use during the instruction, and to keep as a reference guide.

By  appointment
Individual and small-group consulting
Investment:  $55.00 per hour  per child
Location:       Dana Point

Contact The Etiquette School at  to reserve your time and date.  Weekends are available.