About The Etiquette School

The Etiquette School of Monarch Beach, a professional consulting firm since 1997, provides business protocol consulting to corporate America, entrepreneurs,  and individuals about to enter the fiercely competitive business arena.  Corporations spend millions of dollars in developing and marketing a product. What their front-line employees don’t know can unwittingly sabotage their sales and marketing efforts. After the research and technology, it’s the "soft skills" that build rapport, develop new clients, and keep the clients that they have worked so hard to obtain.

Our contemporary and interactive programs focus on the elements key individuals need to enhance their image and to present themselves to others in a sophisticated and confident style.  People prefer doing business with those who reflect a universally accepted standard  of quality behavior.

Who Needs Us?

  • Employees who have been identified with potential, but who lack the social skills they need to move up the leadership ladder
  • New hires. Orientation is a perfect time for an organization to present its expectations before any bad habits become entrenched
  • Management in supervisory positions who lack the “people skills” they need to deal effectively with the work force
  • Sales force and Marketers who represent your company, both during and after hours
  • Financial advisers and investment brokers who must project an aura of success and competence to “high-end” clients
  • Personnel who do business in other countries 
  • Those in the professions of medicine, law, and education
  • High-profile executives in need of fine tuning 
  • Everyone in transition who wants to improve his or her image
  • Companies that want to create loyalty, team spirit, and department cohesiveness