How To Succeed in the International Arena

This seminar is developed specifically for United States-based business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who conduct business abroad.  Your goal is to optimize the considerable skills you already possess when dealing with cultural differences in negotiation styles, and when presenting or introducing your products and services overseas.

Module 1
Become World-Class Competitive

  • Pre-meeting Strategy
  • Rank and Status
  • Forms of Address
  • Business Card Savvy

Module 2
The First Meeting

  • Business Introductions
  • Eye Contact in Various Cultures
  • Handshaking
  • Communication Styles and Conversation Space
  • Networking Strategies

Module 3
Project Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • Impress Clients and Counterparts by Knowing Their Culture
  • Gestures That Are Offensive in Certain Cultures
  • High- and Low-Context Cultures and Time Management (Monochronic / Polychronic)
  • Effective Gift Giving

Module 4
Gain the Edge in International Negotiations

  • You Are The Negotiator
  • Body Language - Often it Speaks Louder Than Words
  • Effective Listening - The Crucial Other Half of Negotiating
  • Rehearsal Techniques

Module 5
Present an International Image

  • Clothes and Accessories for Men and Women
  • Traveling Smart
  • Dressing for the Occasion

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook to use during the presentation and to keep as a reference guide.

Private consultations are by appointment