Interviewing for Success

Module 7

The time to prepare to look for a job is before you need one.  Prepare yourself by having references that demonstrate your expertise that potential employers require for your chosen field of work, a professional prepared résumé, and an attitude that reflects a professional knowledge of the interviewing process.

Exude a positive self image, because companies receive millions of résumés each year, and you must develop an attitude that will not provide ammunition for a quick rejection.  

  • Cover Letters
  • Résumés
  • Job Search Game Plans
  • Networking
  • Before the Interview
  • During the Interview
  • Interview Body Language
  • Starting the Conversation
  • Open-ended, Closed-ended, and Probing Questions
  • Finessing the 20 Most-Asked Interviewing Questions
  • Dodging Liabilities
  • Leaving the Interview
  • After the Interview