Wardrobe & Accessories

Module 4

Wardrobe & AccessoriesTake great care always to dress like the reasonable people of your own age, in the place where you are — neither too negligent nor too much studied.

— Lord Chesterfield

Your clothing and accessories have a tremendous impact on how you are judged by others.

Different working environments demand different styles of attire.  From the stock room Level 1- Relaxed Dress  to the board room, Level 5 – Professional Attire, dress to that level of success you expect your current position to take you.

A 10-second glance is all it takes for social contacts and potential clients to size-up your sense of taste, culture and class. Are you presenting yourself with the professional polish customers deserve and expect?  Are you moving with confidence and ease through the five levels of acceptable dress in the business world?

In this program you will learn wardrobe strategies that will enhance your personal brand and image.

  • Clothes and Corporate Culture
  • Five Levels of Business Dress
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • Personal Props and Accessories
  • Color Strategies
  • 10 Worst Professional and Personal Clothing Mistakes