Effective Networking

Module 1

Effective NetworkingThere are few things more important for those who must market products and services in pursuit of new business or develop social contacts than knowing how to network and work a room.

Networking is an art that has to be learned and cultivated.  Doing it effectively requires challenging your limitations and rethinking the way you interact with people.

This module is geared  to anyone who wishes to enhance his or her business and social skills when interacting with others.

Strategies of networking include:

  • Pre-networking Planning
  • Presenting Yourself with Authority
  • How and When to Make an Entrance
  • 8 Strategies for Working a Room
  • Breaking the Ice
  • The Buddy System
  • Developing Business, Marketing, and Personal ID Statements
  • Name Tag Savvy
  • Business Card Exchange Techniques
  • How to Make a Gracious Exit